I'm a UK-based Freelance App Developer, building cross-platform Mobile Apps for iPhone, iOS, iPad and Android, and web sites in ASP, .NET. Jason Kneen

  • Stonehenge Audio Tour

    iPhone / Android

    Developed as part of the multi-million pound revamp, the Stonehenge Audio Tour allows visitors to this ancient monument to download and play a guided tour as they walk around the Stonehenge tour .

  • Great British Bee Count

    iOS / Android

    Bee Count, featured on BBC Spring Watch as part of the Friends of the Earth campaign to log and monitor British Bees.

  • YouGov LiveView

    iOS / Android

    LiveView for ITV and YouGov gives viewers the power to share their views on live TV shows including Britain's Got Talent and X-Factor.

  • Boot Camp

    iOS / Android

    Boot Camp, a best-selling Mobile app for iOS & Android, reached No.1 in Health & Fitness and No.6 in the iOS AppStore.

  • Sneeze Alarm


    Clarityn Sneeze Alarm, the world's first sneeze alarm app, linked to Met office Pollen data with fully customisable alarm sounds with built-in reminders.

  • Brewdog


    Brewdog Challenges is the first app from libertine craft brewery BrewDog. Uses Geo-location, mapping, driven by content management system.

  • Dentons


    Dentons have helped people find local, regional and national information for over 45 years. Their new app has been re-written from the ground up for iPhone, iPad and Android.

  • Mobile Apps

    iPhone, iPad, iOS, Mobile Web, Android & Windows Phone 8.

  • Web Apps

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP, .NET, SQL Server.

  • Consultancy

    Solutions Architecture, Best Practice, Code Reviews.

  • Speaking & Writing

    Speaking at meetups, industry events, authoring technical books on App development.

TCAD Certified Solutions Architect for Appcelerator, Inc Six Pack Productions
ITV YouGov Bed Bath & Beyond
School of the Legends Brewdog CareMeds
EMC Karcher Antenna International