Jason Kneen

I am a UK-based freelance iOS & Android app developer and consultant, part-time CTO, responsible for managing and developing cross-platform native mobile apps for iPhone, iOS, iPad, Android and the Web. Jason Kneen

I develop cross-platform native apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android and Windows Phone using the Titanium SDK, React Native, and Flutter. I work with startups, SMEs and corporates all over the world -- either developing a new app or working as part of a team on existing projects. I've also worked with startups and companies in a part-time CTO role, assisting with with managing OR building a development team, and helping secure funding. In addition, I work as a consultant, assisting in developing prototypes, wireframes, requirements and even helping pitch to investors. Occasionally I do some .NET and Classic ASP web development. I also speak at conferences all over the world on cross-platform native development. If you have an app idea for IOS or Android, you're an individual, startup or SME / corporate, then please get in touch.

  • Cross-Platform Native Mobile Apps

    Native Apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android using Titanium, React Native & Flutter.

  • Web, Mobile Web Apps & API developement

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP, .NET, SQL Server, PHP, MongoDB, Node JS, Parse Server.

  • CTO support & Consultancy

    CTO support, Solution architecture, Prototyping, Best Practice, Code Reviews, Lead Developer, building and managing teams

  • Developer Relations, Speaking & Writing

    Developer Relations, Speaking at conferences, meet-ups, authoring technical books on App development.

My Work

  • walksafe

    Help Me Angela

    iOS / Android

    Working as a part-time CTO to assist Help Me Angela, a service designed to help people stay safe when out and take their product forward, enhancing the iOS, Android apps, developing on the backend services (hosted with Amazon Web Services) and helping the management team drive development forward, with significant safety innovations coming soon!

  • walksafe


    iOS / Android

    Working with LitterLotto as their part-time CTO assiting them with the development of their app that encourages picking up litter for spot and weekly prizes and awards. I work with an off-shore team managing every aspect of the app delivery.

  • walksafe


    iOS / Android

    I was brought on as part-time CTO to help build a new version of their walking safety app with the goal of raising investment. I successfully achieved this after 6 months of development and now WalkSafe is in a perfect position to move forward with future development.

  • opus

    Opus Workspaces

    iOS / Android

    Working CTO as a part-time CTO and mobile developer -- Opus is a coworking platform that provides you the freedom to work wherever you want in the city, with a membership which gives you access to creative and unique co-working offices, caf├ęs and hotel lobbies.

  • betconnect

    Betconnect sports betting

    iOS / Android

    The only betting exchange that uses bookie prices and connects professional gamblers with punters looking for an edge, with safety modes, limits and many features to help make betting safer.

  • cookbook

    Titanium Cookbook

    Print / eBook

    Over 100 recipes to help you develop cross-platform iOS and Android applications in JavaScript with the Appcelerator.

  • scottandsid

    Scott & Sid

    iOS / iPhone

    Accompanying app to the Scott & Sid movie, teaching filmmaking thought tutorial videos via in-app purchases.

  • dealer

    The Dealer App

    iOS / iPhone

    Developed for The Dealer and helps people find offers and events locally based on their location.

  • jobswipe


    iOS / Android

    JobSwipe, is a unique Job Search application for iOS & Android. (Since 1.0.5, this is now maintained by the client).

  • scottandsid

    forghetti password manager

    iOS / Android

    A totally unique take on password managers, that doesn't store your passwords anywhere and is therefore un-hackable.

  • bootcamp

    Boot Camp

    iOS / Android

    Boot Camp, a best-selling Mobile app for iOS & Android, reached No.1 in Health & Fitness and No.6 in the iOS AppStore.

  • cima

    CIMA Cert BA

    iOS / Android

    Developed for CIMA tests, and customisable to support other tests, with in-app purchases and managed by a web based control panel.

  • uktv

    UKTV Play

    iOS / Android

    Working with the UKTV team developing new features and services for iOS and Android.

  • honda

    HONDA Approvals

    iPhone / Enterprise

    Developed for Honda this app is deployed internally within the enterprise to manage expense claims.

  • stonehenge

    Stonehenge Audio Tour

    iPhone / Android

    Allows visitors to this ancient monument to download and play a guided tour as they walk around the Stonehenge tour .

  • dentons



    Dentons Business Directory. I wrote the initial iOS / Android app and then handed over development to the client's in-house team.

TCAD Certified Solutions Architect for Appcelerator, Inc TCAD Certified Solutions Architect for Appcelerator, Inc Six Pack Productions
ITV YouGov Bed Bath & Beyond
School of the Legends Brewdog CareMeds
EMC Karcher Antenna International