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I'm a UK-based Freelance app developer developing Native iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, cross-platform mobile applications. I've worked on best-selling mobile apps for Six Pack Productions, Appcelerator, ITV, YouGov, Karcher, HotSkoop, CareMeds, VenueFinder, Clarityn, and web apps for NSPCC, Microsoft, Disney, Rockstar Games, Energyhelpline,the RSPCA, some of which have won some awards along the way. I also do some Node.js, .NET and Classic ASP development.

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    Jason Kneen


    I started coding back in the 80s on Commodore computers (VIC-20, C16, C64/128, Amiga) before moving to the PC and Windows in the early 90s.

    I spent the 90s working as a CAD Operator, Account Manager and Developer, writing apps within Microsoft Access to manipulate AutoCAD office plans for large organisations and corporates.

    By 1997 I was on the web and working for a consultancy in London developing Windows, Classic ASP and web apps and around the same time I developed a few popular and financially lucrative apps for the Psion Series 5 organiser.

    Hannah and I started BouncingFish in February 2000 and for the next nine years we developed web sites, e-commerce solutions, ASP and .NET apps for clients around the world, as well as running an award winning global Internet access service, powered by iPass. In fact, we were the first iPass reseller in the world to offer real-time, instant credit-card sign-up for the iPass service.

    We married (each other) in 2006 and in 2008 we had our first child, Leo. In 2009, and with Hannah looking after Leo full-time, I took a break from working for myself and over the next three years I worked as Technical Director of a digital agency in Basingstoke, Hampshire and then headed up a big development team at a white label software provider in Windsor, Berkshire.

    In late 2011 I launched Tweet4me, a service that allows you to post delayed and scheduled Tweets from ANY Twitter client. So far it's closer to scheduling 100,000 tweets than it was none and helps thousands of users manage their tweets.

    Whilst in full-time employment I continued to support BouncingFish clients, and in my own time developed mobile apps for Clarityn Allergy, Six Pack Productions, The Escape and myself.

    In late 2012 I decided it was time for a change, quit my day job, and went back to working as a freelancer.


    I'm a Titanium Certified Developer (TCD) and a Titanium Certified Instructor (TCI), and able to design and develop cross-platform, native mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows the web etc.

    I'm also an Appcelerator “Titan” and part of a community of experts who champion and promote the platform to developers.

    Alongside the mobile stuff I'm still a full on web developer, able to work with ASP, .NET, .NET MVC and Node.js. I also speak at events and meet-ups on mobile development and the benefits of Titanium cross-platform development. I also work with React Native and Flutter.

    I live in Wiltshire in the UK, am married to Hannah and we have FIVE amazing children; Leo, Poppy, Ixia, Rosie and Zebedee, and two cats, Luna and Sparky. I work from my office out the back of the house which has it's own Tweeting Tardis loo.

    Rosie has Down's Syndrome and she inspired the creation of a Lottie Doll based on her which is inspiring children around the world and teaching them about Down's Syndrome.

    We even have our own full-size Lottie Treehouse that we built in the garden, based on the toy of the same design which made the national news a few years back.

    Tardis Loo