Jason Kneen

I am a UK-based freelance iOS & Android app developer and consultant, developing cross-platform native mobile apps for iPhone, iOS, iPad, Android and the Web. Jason Kneen

I develop cross-platform native apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android and Windows Phone using the Appcelerator / Axway Titanium SDK, React Native, and Flutter. I work with startups, SMEs and corporates all over the world -- either developing a new app or working as part of a team on existing projects. I also work as a consultant, assisting in developing prototypes, wireframes, requirements and even helping pitch to investors. Occasionally I do some .NET and Classic ASP web development. In addition to development I also speak at conferences all over the world on cross-platform native development. If you have an app idea for IOS or Android, you're an individual, startup or SME / corporate, then please get in touch.

  • Cross-Platform Mobile

    Native Apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android & Windows Phone.

  • Web & Mobile Web Apps

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP, .NET, SQL Server, PHP, MongoDB.

  • Consultancy & Support

    Architecture, Prototyping, Best Practice, Code Reviews, Lead Developer.

  • Speaking & Writing

    Speaking at conferences, meet-ups, authoring technical books on App development.

My Work

  • betconnect

    Betconnect sports betting

    iOS / Android

    The only betting exchange that uses bookie prices and connects professional gamblers with punters looking for an edge.

  • opus

    Opus Workspaces

    iOS / Android

    Opus is a coworking platform that provides you the freedom to work wherever you want in the city, with a membership which gives you access to creative and unique co-working offices, caf├ęs and hotel lobbies.

  • cookbook

    Titanium Cookbook

    Print / eBook

    Over 100 recipes to help you develop cross-platform iOS and Android applications in JavaScript with the Appcelerator.

  • scottandsid

    forghetti password manager

    iOS / Android

    A totally unique take on password managers, that doesn't store your passwords anywhere and is therefore un-hackable.

  • scottandsid

    Scott & Sid

    iOS / iPhone

    Accompanying app to the Scott & Sid movie, teaching filmmaking thought tutorial videos via in-app purchases.

  • keyfuels

    Key Fuels

    iOS / iPhone

    Fuel card application for drivers, using GPS, Mapping to find local fuel card supporting gas stations.

  • jobswipe


    iOS / Android

    JobSwipe, is a unique Job Search application for iOS & Android. (Since 1.0.5, this is now maintained by the client).

  • dealer

    The Dealer App

    iOS / iPhone

    Developed for The Dealer and helps people find offers and events locally based on their location.

  • bootcamp

    Boot Camp

    iOS / Android

    Boot Camp, a best-selling Mobile app for iOS & Android, reached No.1 in Health & Fitness and No.6 in the iOS AppStore.

  • cima

    CIMA Cert BA

    iOS / Android

    Developed for CIMA tests, and customisable to support other tests, with in-app purchases and managed by a web based control panel.

  • uktv

    UKTV Play

    iOS / Android

    Working with the UKTV team developing new features and services for iOS and Android.

  • dentons



    Dentons Business Directory. I wrote the initial iOS / Android app and then handed over development to the client's in-house team.

  • honda

    HONDA Approvals

    iPhone / Enterprise

    Developed for Honda this app is deployed internally within the enterprise to manage expense claims.

  • stonehenge

    Stonehenge Audio Tour

    iPhone / Android

    Allows visitors to this ancient monument to download and play a guided tour as they walk around the Stonehenge tour .

TCAD Certified Solutions Architect for Appcelerator, Inc TCAD Certified Solutions Architect for Appcelerator, Inc Six Pack Productions
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